September 2006



United Kingdom Experience


Mr Browning began his transport career in the United Kingdom in 1963 as a management trainee with British Rail.  After completing training he held a number of managerial positions both in line management and in head offices, the latter mainly in the field of marketing passenger services.  He also spent some six months in the New York office of British and Irish Railways Inc.


In 1973 he became Research Manager (Marketing and Operations) for the National Bus Company.  This operated some 20 000 vehicles through 40 subsidiary companies, including the inter-city services of National Express.  The Research Department provided specialist advice to company managers on marketing opportunities and operational problems.



Transfer to South Africa


In 1980, Mr Browning was invited to take up a position in South Africa as consultant to the National Institute for Transport and Road Research of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.  In this position he undertook research into urban transport. 


Major research papers included "Strategic Marketing for Urban Passenger Transport".  A paper based on this research was presented to the USA Transportation Research Board meeting in Washington DC in January 1983, and was subsequently awarded the Passenger Transport Medal of the UK Chartered Institute of Transport.


Mr Browning's consultant status enabled him to assist a number of other clients.  One in particular was the United Transport Group, for whom Mr Browning played a major role in the development of the Greyhound Inter-City service, the first of its kind in South Africa. 


This brought him into close contact with both the retail travel industry and the tourism sector.  He attended several SATOUR annual Indabas on behalf of Greyhound.


The Minibus-Taxi Industry


In 1986 Mr Browning became a consultant to the SA Black Taxi Association (SABTA) with the brief to develop the business and transport skills of members. 


n 1988 SABTA became a founder member of the Foundation for African Business and Consumer Services, and Mr Browning thus became involved in a wider range of informal sector business activities. 


This experience led him to write the 1989 book "Black Economic Empowerment - Shaping South African Business for the 20th Century" - the first, and still one of the few, books dealing with this specific topic.


His most recent papers have analysed the need for transformation in the taxi industry. Mr Browning considers the role of the taxi and its multi-million Rand investment in the strategic objective of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment He considers the implications for the industry in the future planned transport systems envisaged in the National Land Transport Transition Act, and in the transition of the taxi to the formal sector of the economic activity of transport.


In July 2006 he presented to a Pretoria meeting of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in South Africa, a significant paper entitled : “The Paradox of the Minibus-Taxi”, in which he analysed why this clear example of entrepreneurial activity finds it hard to develop and diversify, and why both government and business so often fail in their efforts to interact with it


Lesiba Mudau Transport Consulting (Pty) Ltd


In 2001 Mr Browning assisted a number of black transport professionals to form a transport consulting company, Lesiba Mudau Transport Consulting (Pty) Ltd.  He is currently a Director of this company.


In 2003 Lesiba Mudau together with Deloitte & Touche Management Solutions was appointed by the Department of Transport to present a Leadership Development Programme for members of the National Executive of the SA National Taxi Council (SANTACO). Mr Browning took a leading role in this programme.


Other Relevant Activities


Mr Browning was for many years active in the South African Chamber of Commerce movement. 


He was a member of the Transport and Travel & Tourism Committees of the SA Chamber of Business,  and of the Transport Committee of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 


From 1990-91 he was Chairman of the Passenger Transport sub-committee of the Transport Consultative Committee, the highest such grouping of the private sector.


On the formation in October 1993 of the Southern Africa Council of the international

Chartered Institute of Transport (CITSA) Mr Browning was elected Vice-President.  In the early 2000s he played an active part in the formation of the successor to CITSA, the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics In Southern Africa (CILTSA).


He is currently acting as strategic advisor to the Association for Transformation in Transport and Logistics (TransForum).  This body aims to 'fast-track' experience in newly-appointed managers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.


Articles by Mr Browning appear regularly in newspapers such as Business Day and various titles in the Independent Newspapers Group.


Other Appointments


Mr Browning is a Non-Executive Director of Johannesburg Metrobus (Pty) Ltd, the bus operations entity of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council.

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